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Postby MmD » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:12 am

Hi. New potential customer here. Just created a profile on both this site and the main site.

Got a question. I'm hoping to buy my first LR game at the end of the month and I've been told that games sometimes sell out in minutes. In the interest of checking out as fast as possible when the time comes, I set up a profile on the main site and added my address. I don't see a way to add payment info though. Is it possible to add a payment method and have the site save it?

For that matter, what are the accepted method of payment? Credit cards? PayPal? Both? I'm guessing PayPal only (?) since my account profile doesn't have a "add cc" option.

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Postby FoP » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:25 pm

I'm not part of LRG staff, but I've been buying games from here since 2016.

The store allows you to both use credit card and PayPal; however there's no quick way that I know of to get the CC info attached to your account.
So the fastest is probably to use your browser's autofill function, but I'm pretty sure the only way to get a browser to register it is to actually buy something first and then confirm it to autofill. However, I'm not using that method either as I prefer to use incognito mode overall, so instead before a run I open a Notepad window and write down my card number and name there. Then I copy the card number so it's in my clipboard, and mark my name. When I get to that step of the checkout, I paste the card number then go quickly back to Notepad and copy my name and then paste it in that field. Then the expiry date and CVC are easy to just use the numerical keyboard for.

That's a method that's worked for me since 2016. I -think- there's some sort of save payment info, but that seems to require sending a code via cellphone to you which you then have to enter, which I definitely wouldn't dare. Not sure if that's the way it works though, I've just seen it in checkout but never bothered with it.

Another method I've used in some situations is PayPal; PayPal takes a bit longer for verification so it's a bit more risky, but with the right preparations it's not too bad. Just make sure to go to PayPal.com in a different tab a few minute or so before the sale starts, and login from there. Then F5 the PayPal-page every minute or so to keep it from auto-logout on you. This means you won't have to login again when reaching that part of the checkout process, so it speeds it up a bit. However cards are more secure; I haven't had any problems when I've used this method with PayPal, but others have.

Also, when you're here to buy a game, start to F5 a while before the game goes up. Sometimes they can be a bit early and sometimes they can be a bit late; the page does NOT auto-refresh when the timer hits 0 so it's just to keep F5'ing until the "Add to cart" button appears.

May I ask what game you're aiming for? For some of the fastest sellouts seconds it has been seconds rather than minutes, and the only game of those releasing later this month I think has a possibility of becoming a quick seller is Axiom Verge, however there are several things that factors against it too. But always good to be prepared in any case! Heck, I show up here first second after a release even when there are only open-preorder games. :D

EDIT: Also, welcome to the forums. :)
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Postby tguk911 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:48 pm

Shopify does have a quick checkout that will save all your information including the last cc you used to checkout with just click the save my information during checkout and I think you will be opted in but theres a couple of things to take note of if you use this. First is theres a 2 step auth that is used the FIRST time you use that DEVICE to checkout on so you will have to enter a code they'll send via text the first time you use this feature(I use the same desktop for all my LRG orders so I've only had to do this one time). Second the information will save the last CC you used with shopify so if you decide to use a different CC during a checkout then that CC will now be saved for shopifys quick checkout. Also I'm not sure if you'd be able to opt into this service without completing an actual checkout so I wouldn't try this on your first sale unless you know the sale will be slow or it's a preorder.

If you don't want to use the shopify quick checkout I'd advise using google chromes auto fill or a similar extension that fills in CC/Billing/Shipping data automatically but you will still have to type the security code manually. Paypal and Amazonpay are not recommended on busy days but I do use them for Paypal credit and to use my amazon store card but they are slower to checkout with and require more steps.

Always login 5-10 mins before a sale and do a dummy checkout to make sure all the information if saved and ready to go at checkout but with shopify quick checkout it is literally 2 clicks once you have the items added to the cart(checkout button+complete order button), autofill is also really fast if you know the CC CVC by heart and will only slow you down 5-10 secs if you are a fast typer. Once you place a few LRG orders this all becomes second nature and you pick up on other things help.
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