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Got games to trade? Here is the place to do it!

Postby LimitedRunDouglas » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:55 pm

Forum Rules

These rules apply to all forum sections!

- DO NOT harass Douglas or Josh.

- DO NOT harass each other, whether it be verbal, emotional, mental, sexual or whatever.

- Stay positive, yes you can voice your opinion about things you are passionate about but do not purposely start fights or get ugly. Have constructive arguments, don't fight!

- Post in the correct forum section and do not double post. Threads will be closed or deleted if duplicates are found.

- Don't spam! You can promote something you are working on or doing, but don't continue to post nothing but self-promotions.

- Be mindful of who you report to a MOD and why you are doing it.

- Please do not talk about or advertise competitors, if you want to talk about them please private message each other or go on their forums. This has caused problems in the past with vocal defenders of us and personally.

- To have an account you must have an active account with our store and be in good standing.


LRG = Limited Run Games
SRG = Special Reserve Games
SRG2 = Super Rare Games
SLG= Strictly Limited Games
SEG = Signature Edition Games
PA = Play-Asia
EAS = eastasiasoft
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