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Got a sweet collection? Talk about here and show us!

Postby LimitedRunDouglas » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:55 pm

Forum Rules
These rules apply to all forum sections!

DO NOT harass admins or moderators.

DO NOT harass other users, whether it be verbal, emotional, mental, sexual, and so on.
    - Stay positive; yes, voicing opinions passionately is allowed, but purposely inciting arguments is not. Promote constructive conversations, don't fight!
DO NOT use explicit derogatory language for any reason. Users can support their positions while still staying clean.

DO NOT spam; users can promote their own projects, but exclusively posting self-promotional material is not allowed.

DO NOT reply to spam posts. Ignore said posts and notify a moderator.

• If presented with an issue, let a moderator know via private message, or use the report post button on the offending post.
    - Be mindful of who you report to a moderator and why you are doing it.
• Post in the correct forum section and do not double post. Threads will be moved, closed, or deleted if in the wrong section or found to be a duplicate topic.
    - Conversation regarding competitors is not allowed in the Limited Run Discussion section; any such related topics should be conducted in General Discussions or through private messages.

Company acronyms:

LRG = Limited Run Games
SPRG = Special Reserve Games
SRG = Super Rare Games
SLG= Strictly Limited Games
SEG = Signature Edition Games
PA = Play-Asia
EAS = EastAsiaSoft
RAG = Red Art Games
HCG = Hard Copy Games
WC = Warned Collectors
1PG = 1st Press Games
NCLS = Nicalis
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