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Got a sweet collection? Talk about here and show us!

Postby BuraddoRun » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:42 pm

gzbum wrote:Japan imports have some of the craziest and awesome games around. Many have really good NTSC ports, but a lot haven't been ported. Personally, I've been collecting PS1 imports since 1995 or so. Games such as Tenchu are just so much more authentic to play in Japanese. Out of the roughly 200 PS1 games that I own, almost half are imports. Here's some of my more prized ones or ones that I enjoy playing. I know, "Egg" isn't for everyone and is cheap, but somehow it really grew on me.

I agree. So many cool PS1 games never left Japan. I had a decent collection when I was younger and had a modded PS1, but I sold most of my games back in the day. Still I've managed to get a few gems during the rebuild phase. Out of the ones you posted, I used to have Einhander, and I do have Bust a Move. Both great games!
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