Gameplay Overview: Notebook

Marty’s magical Notebook acts as a menu system for the overworld component of the game.  Through the notebook, you can manage your stickers, inventory, notebook covers, and quests.  It also allows you to view achievements, save, and return to the Main Menu

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Accessing your Notebook

Your notebook is displayed in the top right of the screen while traversing the overworld.  You can tap on it to bring it up – you’ll initially be looking at the notebook cover.

Changing the Notebook Cover

Tapping on the cover of the notebook away from the stickers will bring up the option to change the notebook’s cover.  Each cover has a different image and bonus provided to Marty in battle.  Arrow buttons switch between covers.  Tapping the checkmark confirms the selection of cover to use.

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

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Tapping on or near the stickers on the cover will bring up the Sticker Sheet and a sticker info box.  The info box will give details on each sticker you select – effects, rarity, and difficulty to scratch.  Tapping on any sticker, on the cover or on the Sticker Sheet will display the information for that sticker.  The 5 stickers on your notebook cover are the stickers that are presented in a random order at the start of battle – stickers on your sticker sheet will not affect battle.  You can move stickers from your Sticker Sheet to the cover to switch them with currently equipped stickers.  Tapping on the green checkmark puts away the sticker sheet.

Opening your Notebook

Tap on the Notebook’s flap to open your notebook.  This gives you access to the Stats, Inventory, and Quests tabs, as well as access to saving,  returning to the main menu, and viewing achievements.  The Stats tab is initially displayed.

The Stats Tab

The Stats Tab displays all of Marty’s current stats.  These include Health, Magic, Strength, Defense, Speed, Level, Experience to next level, and current in-game money.  When on a different tab, tap the Stats Tab to switch to it.

The Inventory Tab

The Inventory Tab shows you two different sets of items – the Stash and Storage.  The Stash shows the 5 items currently equipped for battle

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and the Storage shows the rest of your items, which are not equipped.  Items from storage can be swapped with items in your stash by dragging the item from storage to the slot in the stash.  Tapping on an item brings up its note card, which displays information on what the item does, how many uses it has, and how much it can be sold for.  The note card has two sides – tapping on the note card switches between them.  Tapping on a selected item puts away the note card.  Items in Storage (not your Stash!) can be sold for in-game money by dragging them to the money (dollar sign) icon.  When on a different tab, tap the Inventory Tab to switch to it.

The Quests Tab

The Quests Tab displays the quests you are currently on.  When on a different tab, tap the Quests tab to switch to it.  Tapping on a Quest title, paper-clipped at the top of the notebook, displays information for that quest, including what the current objective is.  You may make a side quest that you are currently viewing your active quest by tapping the “Make Active Quest” button, and you may only have one side quest marked as active at a time.  Your active quest will have its title circled on the Quests tab, and while exploring the overworld, blue waypoint arrows will guide the player towards that quest’s objective.  If there are more than two quests going on, arrow buttons are used to switch the quests paper-clipped.


Tap on the “Save” floppy disk to save your game.  The game autosaves, so saving through here is not necessary.

Return to Main Menu

Tap on the “Main Menu” TV to return to leave the current episode and return to the Main Menu.  You can resume your episode from there when you are ready.

Viewing Achievements

Tap on the Trophy to bring up the Achievements Window, which shows your current achievements and achievements which are yet to be locked.  Your most recent achievements are displayed at the top.  Achievements not yet achieved will display your progress towards them.  Some Achievements are mysteries, while others will tell how to unlock them.  You can swipe through or use the scroll bar to view all of the achievements.  Tapping the X on the Achievements Window (or anywhere on the window away from the scrollbar) will close up the Achievements Window.

Closing the Notebook

Tap on the “Close” icon to close the notebook.  This returns to view the notebook’s cover, from which stickers and the cover can be managed.

Putting Away the Notebook

Tap on the “Put Away” button to put the notebook away.  This returns to the overworld.

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