Gameplay Overview: Main Menu
Soy el silbo del viento/ I'm the Whistle of the Wind: Obra Escogida/ Chosen Work

When resuming a slot or returning from an episode, you can manage the game through a living room style main menu.  Objects in the living room present you with options when tapped on.

Starting a New Episode

Nous voilà

Tap on the TV to view the episodes of Saturday Morning RPG currently available.  Tap on a VHS tape to select an episode, displaying its summary and allowing you to tap “Play Episode” to start a new episode.  This will erase progress in any currently in-progress episode, but your current stats and all of your items and sticker will carry over from episode to episode.  You keep everything you unlocked.  If you do not own an episode, you must first buy it to play it.

Resume the Current Episode

Tap on the Resume Episode button to continue where you left off in the current episode.

Purchase Scratch and Sniff Stickers

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Tap on the RcMeal Box on the table.  Here you can buy Cereal Box Tops, which are an in-game currency that can be used to buy stickers.  You can use the Cereal Box Tops here to unlock new stickers.  For 1 Box Top, you get a random sticker, but it could be one you already have.  For 3 Box Tops, you can guarantee the random sticker will be a new one you have not previously unlocked.

View Achievements

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Tap on the Bookshelf, then tap on the trophy.  This will bring up the Achievements Window, which shows your current achievements and achievements which are yet to be locked.  Your most recent achievements are displayed at the top.  Achievements not yet achieved will display your progress towards them.  Some Achievements are mysteries, while others will tell how to unlock them.  You can swipe through or use the scroll bar to view all of the achievements.  Tapping the X on the Achievements Window (or anywhere on the window away from the scrollbar) will close up the Achievements Window.

Game Options

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Tap on the couch to manage game options.  You can adjust the difficulty of in-game battles by setting enemy scaling.  You can set it so that enemy stats will be set relative to either your player level, the recommended level for an episode, or to a specific level between 1 and 50.  While lower level enemies make for easier fights, there is the tradeoff of gaining less experience in battle.  You can also view the Credits for Saturday Morning RPG, and restore achievements or purchases associated with your account through this menu.


Tap on the computer.  Tap on the “Chat with Strangers” side of the screen.  Here you can tweet about Saturday Morning RPG once per day.  Doing so will gain a small amount of in-game experience.

Endless Battle

Tap on the arena on top of the TV to access Endless Battle.  Endless Battle is a survival mode in which you have to fight off waves of enemies in non-stop succession.  This feature is COMING SOON in a free update.

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