Gameplay Overview: Overworld

Each episode consists of an overworld to travel through the episode’s locations solving quests, encountering enemies, generally progressing through the current episode, and more!


Tapping on the screen (away from interactables) will bring up a virtual joystick until your finger or thumb is lifted.  Move your finger or thumb, without lifting it, in the direction you want Marty to travel in.


When you walk up to a Non-Player Character (NPC), you usually will engage in conversation with them (or at least listen in on what they’re saying).   Speech is displayed as dialogue bubbles above the character’s head.  Tapping on the screen progresses through dialogue, though it is possible to walk away from characters during conversation through regular movement.  Conversations with NPCs are often essential to  progressing through an episode or quest.

Triggering Battles

If Marty walks close enough to an enemy, battle

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will be initiated with that enemy.  The battle may have up to 3 enemies present.  There are no random encounters.


In the course of an episode, you will get involved in a number of quests.  Quests consist of a series of objectives which can involve a variety of things such as exploring, talking to NPCs, finding things, defeating enemies, and more.  While exploring the overworld, your main quest for the episode will have red waypoint arrows displayed on screen to show you where to travel to.  The currently active side quest (if any) will display blue waypoint arrows to guide you.


Many things encountered on the overworld are interactable by tapping on them when Marty is positioned near them.  These interactables include item pickups, Vending Machines, RcMeal Boxes, and more!

Item Pickups

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You can find new items for use in battle while exploring the overworld!  When Marty is next to the item, tap on it to add it to your inventory.

Vending Machines

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When Marty is next to a Vending Machine, you can tap on it to buy battle items with in-game money.  If you have enough in-game money, you can buy a new object by tapping on it and then tapping the “YES” button.  Items bought at Vending Machines are put into your inventory.

RcMeal Boxes

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Occasionally you will find RcMeal boxes (from the game world’s premiere fast food restaurant, RcAstley’s) sitting around. When these boxes are opened, you are rewarded with a random scratch and sniff sticker – picked from a pool of 128 stickers with varying rarities. These stickers will have unique effects when activated for battle.

Exploration Bonuses

Exploring environments with often reward you with exploration bonuses – small, instant boosts to Marty’s experience.

Gaining Experience

Exploration bonuses, and certain interactables or conversations will give Marty experience.  If Marty gains enough experience, he will level up, allowing you to select one of two stats to improve.


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Marty’s notebook is in the top right of the screen and can be accessed by tapping on it.  The notebook

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provides a means to manage inventory, stickers, and quests.  You can also view Marty’s stats, view in-game achievements, save the game, and return to the main menu from the notebook.

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