Gameplay Overview: Battle System

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

At the start of every battle, you are presented with the scratch and sniff stickers you have equipped – one at a time in a random order. Each sticker you successfully scratch gives its associated bonus effect(s) for the duration of battle.

Flow of Battle

Each battle pits Marty in combat against between 1 to 3 enemies.  Generally all enemies are present at the start of the battle, but some bosses can summon new enemies to the battlefield.

There are two basic phases to battling – the Action Select Phase and the Combat Phase.

During the Action Select Phase, you select what action Marty takes next in battle, which can be charging up, using an item, or punching.  Actions chosen get placed in the battle queue (displayed at the top of the screen) based on speed.  During this phase, you can also view the stats of combatants and access the Pause Menu.

Confronting Global Challenges

During the Combat Phase, actions placed in the battle queue will take place.  Enemy actions will usually attack Marty, but sometimes will do other things such as healing, boosting stats, or summoning enemies.  Enemy attacks can be defended against.  Marty’s actions will often have an interactive component can do a variety of things depending on the action chosen.  When this series of attacks is done , the game returns to the Action Select Phase for Marty to insert a new action into the battle queue.

These two phases will continue until battle ends.  The end of battle occurs when either all enemies have been defeated or Marty has been defeated.

Battle Options

During the Action Select Phase, you have three options for Marty – Charge up, Use an Item, and Punch.


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The Charge Up option is represented by a Battery Icon. Charging up drains your Magic Points (MP), but increases your Multiplier up to a max of 9.9. The Multiplier will multiply the damage of your next attack, after which it resets to 1.

Using an Item

To use an item in battle, you tap on the Stash Icon (a satchel), which presents the available battle items.  Five items are available for use from your stash – these items are customizable from your Notebook outside of battle.  Each item has a limited number of uses for each battle, but the uses replenish at the start of every battle.  To select an item tap on its icon.  This brings up a short description of what the item does.  For objects that target enemies, the attack’s target must then be confirmed, which can be done by tapping on the target or dragging the item to the target.  The item’s icon can also be tapped again to attack the default target.  For non-targeting items, such as the cookie, the attack must be confirmed by tapping a confirm checkmark or by dragging the icon to Marty.


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The punching option for Marty is represented by a Fist Icon.  Once this option is selected, you must confirm an enemy target by tapping on the target or dragging the icon to the target enemy.  Tapping on the confirm checkmark will select the default target.  Punching is a default attack Marty can always use – there is no use limit.  While generally weaker than the battle items Marty has, this option prevents wasting battle items and allows a means of attack when no battle items are available.  Punching is an interactive attack – it presents you with a slider.  Tap on the screen when the slider gets over the blue target to increase the punch’s effectiveness.  The punch attack also refills Marty’s MP by a small amount.


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When Marty is attacked during the Combat Phase, you have the option to defend.  For any attack on Marty, you can activate defense by tapping anywhere on the screen.  Defending will reduce the amount of damage Marty takes from an enemy attack.  The closer the attack is to when Marty is attacked, the better defense Marty gets, rated from “Lame” to Righteous” defense.  Good defenses will also refill Marty’s MP.

Status Effects

Both Marty and the enemies may become afflicted by a status effect as the result of a scratch and sniff sticker, attack, or other battle action.  These status effects include:

  • Shock, Burn, and Poison, which will damage the combatant between attacks until the effect wears off.
  • Paralysis, which has a chance of preventing the combatant’s attacks until the effect wears off
  • Increases or decreases of stats such as attack and speed.

Status effects are indicated by icons above the combatant’s health bar.

Viewing Stats

During the Action Select phase, you can view the stats of Marty or any of the enemies by tapping on the combatant or their health bar, but only if no option is currently being selected.  This displays current HP, MP, attack, defense, and speed in a Stat Window which pops up.  The Stat Window can be put away by tapping on the same target or by tapping the X icon in the Stat Window.


Your current Multiplier is displayed in the bottom left side of the screen during battle.  It ranges from 1 to 9.9 and is increased by charging.  The Multiplier multiplies the damage caused by attacks, after which it resets to 1.

Regenerating Magic Points

Magic points are depleted when Marty charges up, but MP can be recovered by punching or defending against enemy attacks.

Pause Menu

A pause menu can be brought up during the Action Select phase by pressing the pause (“||”) icon in the lower right of the screen.  This menu includes options for restarting battle, in-game help, and buying cheats to assist you with difficult battles.

Defeating an Enemy

An enemy is defeated when its health points (HP) reach 0.  Defeated enemies are removed from battle.  Each attack has a unique death animation for defeating enemies, so experiment to see what happens!

Winning a Battle

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Once all enemies are defeated, the battle is won.  The end of battle screen displays ratings for Defense, Damage, and Speed and a Battle Ranking for your performance in battle, which ranges from F to SSS.  The end of battle screen will also show how much money (in-game) and experience was gained from battle.  If Marty gained enough experience, he will level up and you will choose one of two stats to improve.

Losing a Battle

If Marty’s health points (HP) reach 0 during battle, the battle is lost!  You can restart the battle to try again or return to the Main Menu

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