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         Need a challenging alternative to the current wave of “puzzle” games? Look no further…Cylinder is now on the Xbox Live Indie Games Service!

Cylinder is a puzzle game that will bend (and may break) even the brightest of minds as it features an original 3D puzzle interface that tasks you with piece placement not only side to side, but across to the other side of your cylinder.

In puzzle mode, the player is granted limited moves per level to eliminate all pieces of the cylinder pushing them to logically conclude the precise set of actions to clear a stage. Our game guarantees a stimulating brain workout with 30 puzzles (and more to come) of increasing difficulty. As the player progresses, challenges will be introduced that create the need to perform power moves for special “wild card” pieces bolstering a deeper puzzle experience.




A full game purchase will grant you  access to the 30 level puzzle mode, relax mode, a 2 – 4 player local multiplayer mode, and an endless action mode. Get accolades and high scores as you meet certain milestones! For a more casual gaming experience try our trial version that features “relax mode” and take your time trying to rack up as many points as you can in a randomly generated cylinder, or compete head to head in a two player multiplayer mode.




When you feel that you have conquered it all, prepare to battle in our multi-player cylinder arena matching wits and mental reflex against your friends!

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