About Us

Mighty Rabbit Studios is an independent game development studio based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Josh Fairhurst and Nicholas Allen founded the company in August of 2010 through the inaugural session of Joystick Labs, a game development focused tech incubator. The company released its first major project Saturday Morning RPG onto the Apple App Store in April of 2012. Their sophomore release, Breach & Clear, was released in July 2013. Both games have been well received by both critics and players alike. To date, more than 2 million players have downloaded a Mighty Rabbit game!


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Mighty Rabbit Studios has done contract work for clients at AT&T and Carnegie Learning. For AT&T, Mighty Rabbit built a Kinect based crime scene investigation prototype. With Carnegie Learning, Mighty Rabbit constructed a 2D educational flash game for use in their curriculum that interfaced with their student progress tracking backend.


Breach & Clear: Deadline is a followup to Breach & Clear that takes many of the core elements of the original game and spins them into something entirely new. The game is an open-world tactical action-RPG that features two-player drop-in/dropout networked co-op play. It is a massive game with over 250+ unique pieces of loot (gear, guns, attachments, etc.), four large open-world areas to explore, and five procedurally generated dungeons to conquer. Once again, Breach & Clear: Deadline was built as work-for-hire for the same clients at the original game. It was co-published by our clients as well as a major publisher, Devolver Digital.

– Launched January of 2015 via Steam Early Access.

– Released from Early Access in July 2015 for PC, Mac, Linux.

– Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are currently in development.

– Generated nearly $200,000 in revenue during its first week of sales on Steam.

– Built in less than a year with only our core team plus a few part-time contractors.